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Shipping method and shipping charge

We charge you only the actual shipping cost. This table shows our shipping charge.
Gross Weight
of Shipment
EuropeSouth America
up to 50gJPY 120JPY 1,400JPY 150JPY 2,000JPY 150JPY 2,200JPY 170JPY 2,400
100gJPY 190JPY 240JPY 240JPY 290
150gJPY 260JPY 330JPY 330JPY 410
200gJPY 330JPY 420JPY 420JPY 530
250gJPY 400JPY 510JPY 510JPY 650
300gJPY 470JPY 600JPY 600JPY 770
350gJPY 540JPY 690JPY 690JPY 890
400gJPY 610JPY 780JPY 780JPY 1,010
450gJPY 680JPY 870JPY 870JPY 1,130
500gJPY 750JPY 960JPY 960JPY 1,250
550gJPY 820JPY 1,540JPY 1,050JPY 2,180JPY 1,050JPY 2,400JPY 1,370JPY 2,740
600gJPY 890JPY 1,140JPY 1,140JPY 1,490
650gJPY 960JPY 1,680JPY 1,230JPY 2,360JPY 1,230JPY 2,600JPY 1,610JPY 3,080
700gJPY 1,030JPY 1,320JPY 1,320JPY 1,730
750gJPY 1,100JPY 1,820JPY 1,410JPY 2,540JPY 1,410JPY 2,800JPY 1,850JPY 3,420
800gJPY 1,170JPY 1,500JPY 1,500JPY 1,970
850gJPY 1,240JPY 1,960JPY 1,590JPY 2,720JPY 1,590JPY 3,000JPY 2,090JPY 3,760
900gJPY 1,310JPY 1,680JPY 1,680JPY 2,210
950gJPY 1,380JPY 2,100JPY 1,770JPY 2,900JPY 1,770JPY 3,200JPY 2,330JPY 4,100
1,000gJPY 1,450JPY 1,860JPY 1,860JPY 2,450
1,250gJPY 1,625JPY 2,400JPY 2,085JPY 3,300JPY 2,085JPY 3,650JPY 2,750JPY 4,900
1,500gJPY 1,800JPY 2,700JPY 2,310JPY 3,700JPY 2,310JPY 4,100JPY 3,050JPY 5,700
1,750gJPY 1,975JPY 3,000JPY 2,535JPY 4,100JPY 2,535JPY 4,550JPY 3,350JPY 6,500
2,000gJPY 2,150JPY 3,300JPY 2,760JPY 4,500JPY 2,760JPY 5,000JPY 3,650JPY 7,300
2,500gN.A.JPY 3,800N.A.JPY 5,200N.A.JPY 5,800N.A.JPY 8,800
3,000gN.A.JPY 4,300N.A.JPY 5,900N.A.JPY 6,600N.A.JPY 10,300
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